Product Command Center Second City Communications

Second City Communications, the corporate arm of legendary improvisational comedy theater The Second City, tasked Marshall Creative with a very cool set of challenges for a new product. After creating a plug-and-play library of sales and ethics training videos called RealBiz Shorts, and having a unique, respected and well-established brand vibe, SCC charged Marshall Creative with working on Brand strategy, design and technology implementation, copywriting, streamlining the customer relationship management workflow, and overall rollout for the web presence of the RealBiz Shorts realm.

We began by learning every single step of their sales process, including making cold contacts, using their CRM, email practices, use of their current website, and how they write sales proposals. We then articulated the primary verticals and targets (while developing messaging strategies for each), and worked closely with their creative and internal tech team, building use and context cases to solidify online strategy. From there, we developed new user flows and an information architecture built on the uniquely improv-inspired workflow that Second City is famous for: The site has enough structure to create a consistent message to potential customers, and incorporates content components that can be shifted and changed to have targeted dialogue with specific prospects in product demos and even promotional campaigns. We designed and built the new RealBiz Shorts site, built a CRM tool for their sales team that tracks visits and participation on open and expired demos and integrates with their pipeline, wrote all-new copy, and built back-end tracking and ad campaign-specific customization capabilities to serve their overall media plan.

The new system serves up vertical, target, and channel-specific copy, captures leads, coordinates sales team efforts, and has a robust set of tools that fosters deeper communication directly with potential clients. We’re thrilled to continue an ongoing client relationship with Second City Communications.

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