Responsive Design Hot Coffee Coaching

Julie Colbrese is a certified co-active coach, and a Group Chair for Vistage International, an organization specifically designed to help leaders devise better strategies and policies for their respective businesses. Julie's company, Hot Coffee Coaching, needed an update that featured her personality and image front-and-center, and a website that was attractive to the busy and driven clientele that she is skilled at working with.

Responding to both the challenge of updating her brand strategy and the capabilities of her site, we provided Julie with advice on content, new features, and and updated look. For the former, we focused on finding new imagery and restructuring the presentation of existing imagery, putting Julie’s face and name on the same level as her brand’s themes of coffee and conversation. The sites responsive design automatically flows and reorganizes content to fit different mobile and tablet devices–devices that are used with greater frequency by members of Julie’s client base. These design changes served to refresh Julie’s web presence without compromising the elements that had already brought her success.

See the website.

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