E-Commerce & Video FrozenPeaz

Frustrated with existing hot-and-cold therapies on the market, the entrepreneurs at FrozenPeaz developed an innovative, advanced therapy pack designed to quickly manage pain using flexible compression. They came to Marshall Creative looking for a compelling way to make their case in a competitive field.

To start with, we helped FrozenPeaz identify and prioritize their core target markets, such as sports medicine, that matched their need to focus their marketing efforts as startup with limited cash flow. We also help them choose an affordable e-commerce solution — in this case, Amazon Shopping Cart — to get their initial product launch off the ground and tap into existing shopping networks without requiring them to use more investment capital. Finally, we helped them communicate the value of their product through a series of web-ready, commercial-grade videos that speak to the product’s flexibility and effectiveness.

Like all of our programming work, we built the e-commerce system with an eye to the future, with options to add more features and payment systems as their business expands.


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