Website + Social Media Strategy Frontalis Advisors

Frontalis Advisors offers valuable consulting services to the medical spa industry, helping businesses develop strategies for customer relations, marketing, financial profitability, and other aspects of their operations. Frontalis came to Marshall Creative looking to develop an optimal online presence and learn more about how web technology could help support their own revenue model.

After analyzing the company’s existing visual identity, the team realized that the best strategy for building the Frontalis web presence was to focus on the outgoing and knowledgeable personalities of the company’s founders, Dr. Avanti Kumar and Cheena Chandra. Designing from the ground up, Marshall Creative developed a pristine design for their website that incorporated a prominent social media and video campaign, putting Kumar and Chandra’s voices and willingness to communicate openly at the forefront, and also built a full content management system. We also helped establish a presence in social media, set up an easy-to-use blog on their home page for which we provided content strategy and oversight, and shot a set of videos that give potential clients an introduction to the women who run Frontalis.

See the Website.

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