Website + Content Strategy Fogel’s Focus

For mortgage broker Dan Fogel, the challenge was to create an online persona that he could use for networking and business development. In a heavily regulated industry not highly regarded for its creativity, the goal was to invoke a sense of trust and leadership while conveying his very approachable nature.

We started by gathering information about his clients and his own persona and created a completely unique approach to selling his referral-based business as a factor of his personality rather than his occupation.

The project was relatively small in scope, and so to reserve resources, the Marshall Creative team employed a combination of off-the-shelf solutions with some MC-generated customized programming. To finish the project off, MC put in place a blog and email deployment system for Dan to use to communicate directly with his clients.

By featuring his photography hobby, customers get to know something personal about Dan, with whom they’ll be entrusting one of the biggest transactions of their life. His photographic work also provides a gorgeous backdrop to his monthly e-blasts and weekly blog posts. It’s a cool approach to putting a little personality into an occupation that has a reputation for dryness.

See the Website.

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