Website + Brand Strategy Element Financial Partners

Jonathan Novy and Brian Rosen have been in the business of offering financial advice for years, and they've developed a business model for their partnership based on a ideal of better process for their clients. They sought to reconceive their existing brand--"Novy & Partners"--and start afresh with a new company name, new logo, new site, and other new business that reflected their style and perspectives about the complicated world of finance.

Presented with the opportunity to partner with a client on a top-to-bottom branding process, we began with the basics–the partners themselves. Through a series of focused conversations, we pinpointed Jonathan and Brian’s strengths, values, and the ways they wished to present themselves to the world. Our designers worked closely with the partners to work out both the small-but-important details (brand colors, font choices, etcetera), and the bigger-picture ideas. The decision to re-brand the business “Element Financial Partners” spoke to their treatment of financial advice as a science and also to their ability to assess their client’s needs at the simple, “elemental” level.

After determining the new name and look for the brand, our next step was to develop the most effective web and physical marketing presence around that brand, while also working within the mandated regulations of the client’s parent company. We designed a website that prominently featured their flexible, personal process and also put their unique viewpoints about the industry on display as a way of enticing clients who were most interested in those methods of operating. We also designed standard office supplies such as letterhead and envelopes, as well as unique conversation-starting giveaways, such as small branded notebooks. The completed process allowed Element Financial Partners to maintain the partners’ earned reputation for expertise while announcing a commitment to doing business in their own way.

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