Website + Branding Strategy Dotzler Law

Sam Dotzler came to us with a business plan to target a specific niche: people and businesses who have the budget for web-based off-the-shelf legal advice but have the need for old-school big law firm expertise. He wanted to create a web-friendly and personal brand that communicated that hard-to-find balance between valuable legal advice, and simple, accessible online legal services.

For us, the first step was nailing down Dotzler Law’s brand statement: Simple, Accessible, and Personal. We created a flexible and balanced logo and an entire world of graphics and tactile user interface components that support Dotzler Law’s sense of accessibility and personality. Visitors use a delightful navigation element on the homepage to self select into two content paths – one for families and one for business – each with their own set of needs, resources, and outcomes. Dotzler Law also maintains a host of useful information for families and businesses as a resource, and is always one click away for when you need more specific legal advice and representation.

See the Website.

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