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Dean Vlamis, one of American’s leading loan originators, was looking to break free from the pack. His longtime presence in the Chicago real estate community had nurtured a strong reputation in the industry, and he was ready for a fun approach to market his business.

Marshall Creative delivered a series of character-based web viral short films satirizing Dean’s financial expertise. Framed as fake news pieces starring fictional reporter Dan Danderson and shot in the style of NBC’s The Office, Dean poked fun at his expert image by playing the role of the “village idiot” in a first-ever meta-approach to online financial advertising.

The Results:
From an article in Mortgage Originator magazine, 2008:

Dean Vlamis, PERL Mortgage, Chicago, Ill., has combined the traditional online resources—including an application, customer testimonials and calculators—along with some humor. The latter includes links to comedy/other non-mortgage sites, in addition to a funny takeoff on The Office television show, in which he plays the lead role (see www.deanvlamis.com, Dean’s Picks promotional video). “The video is definitely one of my most effective marketing tactics,” he said. “It makes us stand out and people frequently comment on it. This helps me against the mortgage shops and banks that take an old, stuffy approach to financing. I am very personal and to the point with my clients; outside-the-box of the old stuffy approach.

MC also helped Dean produce several video-blog (or “vlog”) clips that give his audience clear and competent advice on the mortgage markets. Since producing Dean’s web, print and video campaign, Dean’s clients and real estate partners alike have commented on the effectiveness of this campaign.

Watch Dean's Videos.

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