Design + E-Commerce Dawn Jackson Blatner

As an extraordinarily successful and highly visible food and nutrition expert, Dawn had collected a vast amount of press, writings for major publications, and media appearances. Dawn also has an impressive array of media and sports affiliations, books, booklets, and a gigantic recipe catalog. All of this called for a website that could organize and provide user-friendly access to all of this material, reflected her Brand and personality, and also provided a way to promote and sell her services and books.

We worked closely with Dawn, building a design based on her very outgoing and lively personality, backed by some serious behind-the-scenes technology solutions. As a nutritionist that cooks, it was important to showcase her vast recipe index. We built a database that houses these and allows users to search by categories, find the recipes they want, print them out, and share them with others. Dawn also sells books, provides consultation, and speaks at corporate events. For these components, we built an e-commerce shop and a calendar for booking appointments and finding her class schedule at the school where she teaches – all components that are database driven, and allow her full flexibility in maintaining her schedule and bookings.

See the Website.

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