Website + Branding Strategy Brian d’Arcy James

Brian d’Arcy James is a celebrated actor, singer, and musician. He is a Tony-nominated Broadway star and rising television personality, having flourished in musicals, dramas, and comedies, including Broadway’s Shrek, NBC’s upcoming sitcom Smash, and most recently a PBS showcase at the White House for President Obama. Brian needed an online brand and presence showcasing his stage, music, TV and film work — as well as his down-to-earth, nice-guy persona.

We designed a logo and word mark for Brian, built a custom content management system that allows Brian to integrate his facebook and twitter social media efforts, and installed several different technologies to give Brian the ability to feature his latest television and film projects, music, interviews, photos, and his bevy of media accolades. Brian regularly updates the site himself.

See the Website.

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